All About: Pattern Shopping

So, you’ve decided to face your fears and start sewing you own clothes, have you? Well, I’m very proud of you and excited that you’re going on a new adventure. I’ll do my best to help you along. For starters, be sure to read my post about taking your measurements because you will need those numbers to help you determine what size pattern to buy (hint: pattern sizes are totally different than off-the-rack sizes – more on that later). Armed with your measurement chart, you can now head to the fabric store to shop for patterns. [Read more...]

All About: Taking Your Measurements

When you sew clothes for yourself, the first step is to make a comprehensive list of your measurements. You may be surprised to know that there’s more to your measurements than just bust, waist, and hips. Knowing all of your measurements will help you pick the correct sewing pattern size and will ensure that you can adjust the pattern for a perfect fit.
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All About: Stitch Length

Your machine should have a dial that adjusts the length of your stitches, which may lead you to wonder to yourself, “my goodness, self, there are so many stitch length options, how do I know which one to use?” Stitch length is going to depend on a few factors: weight of fabric, texture of fabric, and the kind of sewing you’re doing. In general, though, you’ll want to use shorter stitches for thinner, finer fabrics and longer stitches for thicker, heavier fabrics and for basting. However, should you wish to know more about stitch length, do read on.
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All About: Machine Needles

Whether you’re a new sewist or an old hand like me, there is never an end to learning more about the craft of sewing. I thought it would be a good exercise to take the time to write a series on all the small details of sewing that often get overlooked. To start off the series, let’s talk about machine needles.
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