My First E-Book: Darling Beginnings

Just a couple of weeks ago, I finally finished my first e-book: Darling Beginnings. It’s a great addition to my First Steps series of video tutorials. Between the two, anyone who wants to learn to sew, should get all the knowledge they need to begin living the life of a sewing enthusiast.

In Darling Beginnings, I cover sewing terms you’ll need to know, how to choose a sewing machine, tools you’ll want to have on hand, and basic techniques to master. When you’ve worked through all that, try out your new skills on one of the two sewing projects included – a pincushion and a needle book.

With page after page of full-color photo illustrations, you’ll have no problem following along. Before you know it, you’ll be sewing all those amazing and creative sewing projects and tutorials out there in the blogosphere.

Click on any of these images to see larger versions of pages from Darling Beginnings.

Next on the e-book list? A collection of sewing projects for the kitchen.


  1. allison kiertscher says:

    I just pinned your e-book to my “Stuff i want to buy” board!

    • Ginny Ginny says:

      Thanks for that! Check your email for the you-know-what I said I would send you. It’s a big file, so if you have trouble getting it, just let me know.

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