Sewing Journal Cover

My final featured guest for my Journal Cover Sew-Along, Caila, will be showing off her journal cover on Monday, but in the meantime, here’s my most recent cover design. This saying has become one of my all-time favorite sewing quotes and I was dying to put it on a journal cover.

I’m always writing notes on my latest sewing project – thoughts, ideas, measurements, doodles – and I wanted a journal to keep all those pieces of information in one place. What better cover design than this one for a notebook of sewing scribbles?

Like the journal I made for my bestie, Mandy, I used a simple appliqué technique to piece together shapes into a cute sewing machine, complete with a bit of loose fabric being “sewn” by the “needle.”




There have been some pretty awesome journal covers created by sew-along participants. Just check out the Flickr pool, Erica’s cover, and Elena’s cover then stop back by on Monday to see Caila’s cover.

Even though the sew-along is coming to a close, these journal covers are quick and easy so they’re perfect for personalized gifts. If and when you make one, please be sure to add it to the Flickr pool because I’d love to see what you created :-)


  1. Karin says:

    Sew cool!!!

  2. Josie says:

    Gosh Ginny, that is just so beautiful, without one of the most adorable out there. Thanks for sharing xx

    • Ginny Ginny says:

      Thanks Josie! Is it bad that I put in extra effort since I planned on keeping it for myself?

      • Josie says:

        Not at all! I’ve just made another for my mother’s church minister who is retiring and I have spent most of the day on it. I emailed a picture to my dear old Mum and she doesn’t really like it………aarrrrhhhh….!! I’m thinking I should follow your lead and create another just for ME

        • Ginny Ginny says:

          I always get a little sad when I have to give something I made away so I always make one or two for myself just so I can look at them every once in a while :-)

    • Josie says:

      Without DOUBT one of the most adorable out there…..!

  3. Isabel says:

    I love this journal cover!

    I discovered your blog and Elena’s (and other nice ones) recently about sewing and I’m amazed at the wonderful things you can make. I should definitely take the courage and learning sewing!

    • Ginny Ginny says:

      Yes, yes, it’s really a lot of fun and the possibilities are endless; definitely worth the effort to learn. I’m so glad you our sewing community :-)

  4. Love THIS cover.!

    • Ginny Ginny says:

      Thanks, Marni, I have taken to carrying it with me everywhere just in case I get a sewing idea. Also, because I think it’s pretty and I’m pleased as punch about the way it turned out :-)

  5. hope says:

    You should totally give this to me, your favorite sister in the whole world! By the way, check out this cool book…improve sewing. Love it!

  6. Sherri says:

    I’m love this journal cover and saying – would you mind if I used it as inspiration for a sewing machine cover? I will link back to your site/post as the inspiration!

  7. eileensideways says:

    gosh you are the master of your machine. i could never get mine to stitch legible letters.

    • Ginny Ginny says:

      It just takes a fabric marker, and a darning/free motion foot, and practice. You’ll notice that if you go with a “sketchy” look, it hides a multitude of sins :-)

  8. Bronwyn says:

    Just love this! So clever….. I love how you placed the fabric under the needle.

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