Upcycled Sweater Part II: Boot Cuffs

My darling sister, Charity (or Pooh, if you know and love her like we do), has come up with another upcycling tutorial to share with everyone. You may recall her previous tutorial on upcycling old clothes into a picnic quilt. She’s kinda sort brilliant. In this series, she’s taken a boring old sweater and turned it into three great cold-weather accessories. First came fingerless gloves. In this post it’s boot cuffs. Last will be a slouchy hat. Without further ado, Pooh!

Firstly, I was torn. I wanted leg warmers and a larger sweater might have afforded me the material to make them. In the end, I settled for longer boot cuffs based on this blog.

I incorporated the waste ribbing for the tops just as she did. By using the native hem on the outer sides of the sweater, I ended up with a few holes from the sweater remaining in the cuffs, but I liked the character and didn’t want to try matching stripes at 2 seams. Also, I wanted to leave the center of the body in case I needed it for the hat.

Rather than leave the bottom edge of the cuffs rough, I sewed circumferentially around the turned down edge while stretching the knit so that it wouldn’t end up being too tight for my calf to fit into later – it doesn’t matter if you leave it roughly cut, but I didn’t want to run the risk of unraveling. You could also sew it without turning it down since it won’t show inside the boots.


Next up in the series: Slouchy Hat.


  1. [...] Next up in the series: Boot Cuffs. [...]

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