Six-Pointed Star Quilt

Star Quilt Top
I’m not sure if you would classify this as a tutorial or a quilt-along; I’ll have to do more research and get back to you. For now, I just thought I’d share pictures of a quilt I’m working on. It’s going to be entirely hand-sewn and is meant to keep my hands busy when I’m watching TV or riding in cars. At the rate I’m going, though, I’m not sure I’ll ever get done.

While going about my daily routine of checking out some of my favorite blogs, I came across this post at Crazy Mom Quilts (and this one and this one). Amanda Jean was inspired by another blogger, Jessica at Life Under Quilts, to start a hand-pieced 60° diamond quilt using English paper piecing (EPP). I call it a star quilt; it’s just easier to say.

Charity's Star Quilt
My sister, Charity, has decided to start a star quilt herself. After completing her Upcycled Quilt, she thought of another great way to turn something old into something new. She’s making her star quilt out of men’s silk ties and a silk wedding dress.

Besides this being a great idea, I’m also kinda jealous that she is really plowing through all the meticulous hand piecing. Of course, it helps that she has moved to New Zealand for a year and the star quilt is her only sewing project until she gets back to the States. She can focus all of her attention on finishing the top of her queen-sized star quilt.

So far, my plan for the final size keeps shrinking. First it was going to be full-sized, then twin-sized, now I’m thinking it would make a great throw for the sofa. I’m going to try really hard not to downsize even more and end up with a small lap quilt.

Here is a quick rundown of the steps to putting the quilt top together. We’re talking bare bones, people. For more information about any of these steps, check out the blogs I mentioned above.

1. Cut 60° diamonds, six of each fabric.
Star Quilt Fabric Diamonds

2. Baste diamond to template.
Diamond Templates

3. Piece diamonds together into star.
Pieced Star

4. Piece stars together, removing templates as you go.
Star Quilt Back

That’s it for now. I’ll keep sharing our progress on these two star quilts and, one day, I’ll even write up a real tutorial on how we’ve made them. In the meantime, just check out Crazy Mom Quilts and Life Under Quilts if you want to get started now.


  1. Charity Styles says:

    I just want to add that Ginny is a genius at laying out upcycled quilts on her computer. She will even go as far as taking pictures of the fabric and importing them into the computer to see exactly how the design will look before sewing! Also, if not for her help I never would have gotten all the necessary pieces cut out of that wedding dress before I left. Thanks for your help, sis!

  2. Ginny says:

    Thanks, sister. I just wanted to make sure you had something to remember me by while you’re away on the other side of the planet having adventures and what not.

  3. Els says:

    thank you for inspiring me!!! didn’t know what to do with mij “six-pointed-star” templates….
    now it’s a matter of “steady as I go”……..

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