My Envelope Clutch

Usually, I procrastinate and procrastinate until the last possible minute, but not this time. I’m done with my envelope clutch a full two days ahead of the deadline! [Read more...]

Pattern Review: Amy Butler’s Origami Bags

Amy Butler's Origami Bags
I’ve decided that zippers are the bane of my existence and I’m determined to overcome them. While I have made many things that include zippers, I do tend to avoid them, but not anymore. These Origami Bags from Amy Butler’s Style Stitches are too cute to ignore, so I’m making a set.

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Fabric Stash Boost

Half-yard and Fat Quarters A few weeks ago, I decided to make a log cabin quilt using what I had available in my meager, yet trusty, stash. Halfway through the 30 log cabin blocks, I began to worry that what had started out as a queen-sized quilt would end up a throw for my sofa. Somehow, I managed to eek out all 30 squares as though my stash was miraculously multiplying before my eyes. Since I almost wiped out my stash, I quickly saddened at the realization that I couldn’t just make something when the urge took me. I was in Lakeland, Florida, last week so I visited my old stomping ground, the Fabric Warehouse, for some new additions.

Fat EighthsWhile I plan on using some to make Kindle covers and iPhone covers for Heavens to Etsy, I also just wanted to add some random pieces to my dwindling stash. I like to be able to just make something that pops into my head. So, I picked up some half-yard cuts, some fat quarters, and some fat eighths. While many pieces are from some of Amy Butler’s collections, I did try to broaden my preferences and choose from other designers as well. Not a week later and I’m already wishing I had more.

Drawstring BagNow, I’m suffering from having too many choices of materials and projects. It took me a while, but I finally decided on a quick drawstring bag to hold my Star Quilt pieces.