DIY: Mini Sewing Kit

Sometimes I think I spend more energy on creating cute ways to tote around my sewing supplies than on actual sewing. Between my train case (I have a vintage hat box waiting for the same transformation), my tote bag, and now this mini sewing kit, I’ve begun to realize I may have a problem. The funny thing is, I rarely take my sewing stuff anywhere! [Read more...]

Journal Cover Sew-Along Wrap-Up

Could I be any more thrilled with how my first sew-along turned out? I think not! I mean, just look at these awesome covers that some truly lovely ladies came up with and added to the Flickr pool[Read more...]

Caila’s Journal Cover

The final featured guest in my Journal Cover Sew-Along is Caila of Caila Made. I found Caila during Family Ever After’s Sew-vivor online sewing contest a few months ago. She was a top ten contestant and, thanks to this entry, this entry, and this entry, she won the whole thing! I really loved her style and personality so I crossed my fingers and asked her to participate in my sew-along – she didn’t disappoint :-) [Read more...]

Sewing Journal Cover

My final featured guest for my Journal Cover Sew-Along, Caila, will be showing off her journal cover on Monday, but in the meantime, here’s my most recent cover design. This saying has become one of my all-time favorite sewing quotes and I was dying to put it on a journal cover. [Read more...]

Elena’s Journal Cover

Today’s featured guest is Elena from Randomly Happy. Erica introduced me to Elena and I’m so glad she did. Elena has a great style and her blog is full of beautiful sewing tutorials. [Read more...]

Erica’s Journal Cover

Erica from Caught on a Whim is my first featured guest in my first ever sew-along. She has created a stunning journal cover using a beautiful floral fabric with a clever yet simple embroidery detail that highlights the colors in the flowers. [Read more...]

DIY: Journal Cover Pocket

As promised, I’ve put together a tutorial on adding a pocket to the inside flap of the journal cover just in time for the start of my Journal Cover Sew-Along. Without further ado, here’s how to it’s done. [Read more...]

Sew Inspired: Fabric Bow Garland

Recently, I came across tutorial on Pinterest for an easy and cute Fabric Bow Garland by Creature Comforts and I knew it would make an excellent stash buster not to mention a great reusable party decoration. [Read more...]

DIY: Rainy Days


In Central Florida this year, our April showers leaked over into May. We’ve been getting some much needed rain and the thunderstorms make for good napping (I’ve trained myself, Pavlovian-style, to sleep when I hear the sound of rain and thunder). [Read more...]

Appliqué Journal Cover

In my Journal Cover video tutorial, I mentioned that you can embellish the exterior piece however you like. Really the possibilities are endless. Here’s one I made for my friend, Mandy. [Read more...]