Simplicity: Pattern for Smartness

My sister found this on YouTube after watching my video tutorial on Reading Sewing Patterns. It was there in the list to the right of the viewer. A gem just waiting to be found. This particular sister is not at all interested in sewing, but she couldn’t stop watching this 1948 film and sent me an email about it. [Read more...]

DIY: Journal Cover Pocket

As promised, I’ve put together a tutorial on adding a pocket to the inside flap of the journal cover just in time for the start of my Journal Cover Sew-Along. Without further ado, here’s how to it’s done. [Read more...]

DIY: Appliqué

In anticipation of my upcoming Journal Cover Sew-Along, I’ve put together a quick tutorial on how to use an appliqué technique to decorate the front of your journal cover. This tutorial is dedicated to Jessica Jones, a Facebook fan of Darling Adventures – I hope this helps and inspires you to give it a try, Jessica! [Read more...]

First Steps: Reading Sewing Patterns

How to Read Sewing Patterns
Lately, I seem to be concentrating on sewing patterns, specifically how to take measurements so that you can shop for patterns. Here’s my latest video tutorial, which I filmed some time ago, but felt that now was a good time to release it. I hope it’s helpful! [Read more...]

All About: Pattern Shopping

So, you’ve decided to face your fears and start sewing you own clothes, have you? Well, I’m very proud of you and excited that you’re going on a new adventure. I’ll do my best to help you along. For starters, be sure to read my post about taking your measurements because you will need those numbers to help you determine what size pattern to buy (hint: pattern sizes are totally different than off-the-rack sizes – more on that later). Armed with your measurement chart, you can now head to the fabric store to shop for patterns. [Read more...]

Why Sewing Clothes Seems Scary, But Really Isn’t


“I’d love to sew clothes, but…”

Many of the comments I received during this last giveaway reflect a general desire to sew clothes, but a common fear that it will be difficult. I began to wonder why everyone was feeling that way. [Read more...]

All About: Taking Your Measurements

When you sew clothes for yourself, the first step is to make a comprehensive list of your measurements. You may be surprised to know that there’s more to your measurements than just bust, waist, and hips. Knowing all of your measurements will help you pick the correct sewing pattern size and will ensure that you can adjust the pattern for a perfect fit.
[Read more...]

Appliqué Journal Cover

In my Journal Cover video tutorial, I mentioned that you can embellish the exterior piece however you like. Really the possibilities are endless. Here’s one I made for my friend, Mandy. [Read more...]

DIY: Sew a Journal Cover

What is it about journaling that’s so addictive? Is it sorting through your innermost thoughts? Connecting with parts of yourself that no one else sees? Expressing yourself through words and doodles? That’s all well and good, but let’s get real. It’s the journals themselves, right? I have a soft spot for journal covers. I love getting new journals because the covers can be so beautiful, but then I fill up the journal and get sad because it’s full and then get excited because I get to find a new cover and then I have to journal some more about the sadness and the happiness, and so on and so forth. It really is a vicious cycle. [Read more...]

My Envelope Clutch

Usually, I procrastinate and procrastinate until the last possible minute, but not this time. I’m done with my envelope clutch a full two days ahead of the deadline! [Read more...]