Riley Blake Designs: Union Jack Fabric & DIY Ottoman Slip Cover

Pip-pip, y’all! It’s been donkey’s years since I last had a tutorial for you, so let’s not fanny about anymore. This is such a thrill for me – I was approached by Riley Blake Designs to take part in their Union Jack Blog Tour and today is the big day! I decided to spruce up my little living room with a burst of these great colors and, besides, my sad little ottoman needed a pick-me-up. [Read more...]

Upcycled Sweater Part I: Fingerless Gloves

My darling sister, Charity (or Pooh, if you know and love her like we do), has come up with another upcycling tutorial to share with everyone. You may recall her previous tutorial on upcycling old clothes into a picnic quilt. She’s kinda sort brilliant. In this series, she’s taken a boring old sweater and turned it into three great cold-weather accessories. Take it away, Pooh! [Read more...]

DIY: Reusable Veggie Bags

So, I guess I fell of the face of the planet or something. No worries, I’m back and full of things to share! First up, a quick tutorial – Reusable Veggie Bags. We’ve all been doing our part for the environment with reusable shopping bags, but what about all those little plastic bags we put our vegetables in? These reusable bags are the perfect solution. They are made from flour sack dish towels so half the sewing is done for you and they’re lightweight so they won’t add much at all the price of your produce. [Read more...]

DIY: Mini Sewing Kit

Sometimes I think I spend more energy on creating cute ways to tote around my sewing supplies than on actual sewing. Between my train case (I have a vintage hat box waiting for the same transformation), my tote bag, and now this mini sewing kit, I’ve begun to realize I may have a problem. The funny thing is, I rarely take my sewing stuff anywhere! [Read more...]

Simplicity: Pattern for Smartness

My sister found this on YouTube after watching my video tutorial on Reading Sewing Patterns. It was there in the list to the right of the viewer. A gem just waiting to be found. This particular sister is not at all interested in sewing, but she couldn’t stop watching this 1948 film and sent me an email about it. [Read more...]

DIY: Journal Cover Pocket

As promised, I’ve put together a tutorial on adding a pocket to the inside flap of the journal cover just in time for the start of my Journal Cover Sew-Along. Without further ado, here’s how to it’s done. [Read more...]

DIY: Appliqué

In anticipation of my upcoming Journal Cover Sew-Along, I’ve put together a quick tutorial on how to use an appliqué technique to decorate the front of your journal cover. This tutorial is dedicated to Jessica Jones, a Facebook fan of Darling Adventures – I hope this helps and inspires you to give it a try, Jessica! [Read more...]

Announcement: Journal Cover Sew-Along

For my very first sew-along, we’re going to make a Journal Cover! This cover is quick and easy, doesn’t require much fabric, and is a great project for creativity. Design and decorate your cover to showcase your personality and then put it all together by following my video tutorial. [Read more...]

First Steps: Reading Sewing Patterns

How to Read Sewing Patterns
Lately, I seem to be concentrating on sewing patterns, specifically how to take measurements so that you can shop for patterns. Here’s my latest video tutorial, which I filmed some time ago, but felt that now was a good time to release it. I hope it’s helpful! [Read more...]

DIY: Rainy Days


In Central Florida this year, our April showers leaked over into May. We’ve been getting some much needed rain and the thunderstorms make for good napping (I’ve trained myself, Pavlovian-style, to sleep when I hear the sound of rain and thunder). [Read more...]