Riley Blake Designs: Union Jack Fabric & DIY Ottoman Slip Cover

Pip-pip, y’all! It’s been donkey’s years since I last had a tutorial for you, so let’s not fanny about anymore. This is such a thrill for me – I was approached by Riley Blake Designs to take part in their Union Jack Blog Tour and today is the big day! I decided to spruce up my little living room with a burst of these great colors and, besides, my sad little ottoman needed a pick-me-up. [Read more...]

DIY: Mini Sewing Kit

Sometimes I think I spend more energy on creating cute ways to tote around my sewing supplies than on actual sewing. Between my train case (I have a vintage hat box waiting for the same transformation), my tote bag, and now this mini sewing kit, I’ve begun to realize I may have a problem. The funny thing is, I rarely take my sewing stuff anywhere! [Read more...]

First Steps: Reading Sewing Patterns

How to Read Sewing Patterns
Lately, I seem to be concentrating on sewing patterns, specifically how to take measurements so that you can shop for patterns. Here’s my latest video tutorial, which I filmed some time ago, but felt that now was a good time to release it. I hope it’s helpful! [Read more...]

Sew Inspired: Fabric Bow Garland

Recently, I came across tutorial on Pinterest for an easy and cute Fabric Bow Garland by Creature Comforts and I knew it would make an excellent stash buster not to mention a great reusable party decoration. [Read more...]

DIY: Rainy Days


In Central Florida this year, our April showers leaked over into May. We’ve been getting some much needed rain and the thunderstorms make for good napping (I’ve trained myself, Pavlovian-style, to sleep when I hear the sound of rain and thunder). [Read more...]

Appliqué Journal Cover

In my Journal Cover video tutorial, I mentioned that you can embellish the exterior piece however you like. Really the possibilities are endless. Here’s one I made for my friend, Mandy. [Read more...]

DIY: Sew a Journal Cover

What is it about journaling that’s so addictive? Is it sorting through your innermost thoughts? Connecting with parts of yourself that no one else sees? Expressing yourself through words and doodles? That’s all well and good, but let’s get real. It’s the journals themselves, right? I have a soft spot for journal covers. I love getting new journals because the covers can be so beautiful, but then I fill up the journal and get sad because it’s full and then get excited because I get to find a new cover and then I have to journal some more about the sadness and the happiness, and so on and so forth. It really is a vicious cycle. [Read more...]

My Envelope Clutch

Usually, I procrastinate and procrastinate until the last possible minute, but not this time. I’m done with my envelope clutch a full two days ahead of the deadline! [Read more...]

Clutch-Along with See Kate Sew

Kate at See Kate Sew is hosting a clutch-along. I’m participating because it seems like a lot of fun and then I have an awesome envelope clutch at the end. I’ve always wanted to participate in an online sew-along like this, but I never hear about them in time or I’m too late and miss them altogether.

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Fabric Stash: Hoarding & Busting

What a clever little pie chart; equal parts truth and hilarity. What is it about quilting that makes one start hoarding fabric? I’ve done more non-quilt sewing than quilt sewing, so I find it odd that even though I use my stash for all sorts of non-quilt sewing projects, I didn’t really start building a stash until I took up quilting almost two years ago.
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